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Reflex Touch Therapy

Why choose reflex touch therapy?

This is the gentle intuitive version of conventional reflexology; the trademark gentle flowing touch encourages a deeply relaxing treatment.

The combination of Gentle Non-invasive Flowing Touch is designed to relax your nervous system, brain and mind. When we reach this blissful state the body is able to let go of tension and can now perform crucial repair and re-balancing work across all the main organs of the body.

Your trained therapist via reflex points in the feet can assess – the CURRENT health levels - of around 50 main organs in your body. This feedback can change during and between treatments in response to changes you make. Your trained therapist can offer natural advice and support.

As an intuitive treatment we can also look at emotions, chakras and spiritual aspects of your well-being.

Perfect for anyone wishing to relax, repair and restore.................

For more information, please visit: HERE

1. Gentle non-invasive deeply relaxing
2. Calms the mind
3. Assessment and balance of major internal organs

Our Reflex Touch Therapists

Joanne Oliver

Red Barn Retreat

Fulwell, Brackley, Buckinghamshire, NN13 5JZ
01280 702816

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